Email Marketing for 361 Degrees



361 is an international shoe and sports goods company. The company is based in China but their goal is to have a larger market in the US. For men, women, coaches and professional runners between the ages of 20 and 45 who need high quality, performance based shoes and athletic gear, 361 Degrees leads in advanced shoe technology to engineer more durable, reliable, and responsive shoes. They have bucked the minimal trend of flexible, unstructured, lightweight shoes by supplying shoes that provide runners with the protection they need-shoes that have a soft platform but are still very responsive, and have that feeling of going fast. 361 Degrees strives to challenge athletes to do more, see more, and push you in every aspect of life.

361 Degrees has created a robust advertising campaign with innovative strategies to create a niche in the over saturated US shoe market. My role on the marketing team is to design emails based on the copy and advertising strategy. The goal is to always create more awareness for the brand in the US, as well as highlighting how 361 produces quality products for the professional runner. I do this by using the latest design trends, clean typography, and innovative layout design.

361 Degree is more than just shoes. It’s a rally cry familiar to all achievers. And one that resonates with human aspiration. It’s a challenge. To do more. To see more of the world. To push yourself in every aspect of life. With 361 Degrees, don’t just run farther, faster. Go One Degree Beyond.

Email Samples