Declaration of Independence

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Layout | Illustration | Development

This book is my modern take on The Declaration of Independence. Often this influential document is seen as venerable and important, but it can also be seen as old and difficult to fully comprehend. The current climate reflects a need for younger people to re-engage with their country’s roots.

Just as The Declaration speaks to establishing a new and different style of governing, I was inspired to take an approach using a style that would be relatable for a 21st century reader. The mission of this bold, un-conventional and colorful re-design is to encourage the modern reader to understand this important document and engage with it in a new way yet retaining the essence of its integrity and truths.

With bold typography and striking images, this book will speak to the younger generation in ways that traditional study of The Declaration has not been able to do. Ultimately, I wanted to make The Declaration of Independence accessible, something you would be drawn to read and absorb.