Branding | PACKAGE DESIGN | Creative Direction

Ethereal is a cosmetic company that produces high quality bath bombs for the modern woman. The goal of this project was to create branding packaging and advertising for a cosmetic product.

I created the Ethereal logo to feel delicate, feminine and also flowing like the movement of a bath bomb when its placed in water. I chose confident colors to give the sense of boldness to the branding.

For the packaging, it was important to me to use a clear glass box to showcase the bath bomb. But for the top and bottom, I had a friend photograph the bath bomb as it explodes in water and used that as the pattern for the packaging. I fitted foam into the top and bottom of the box so that when the box is handled in anyway, the bomb bomb would be secure and not crumble.

The other part of the project was to create advertising for the product. I created printed mock ups such as the one pictured below on the bus stop as well as a social media account, also pictured below.

Ethereal Logos-03.jpg