Farmington Proposal



Water Systems Consulting (WSC) is an engineering firm that specializes in additional services in communication, marketing and design. My responsibility is to be a key member supporting staff with beautiful graphic design. The Farmington Proposal is an example of a printed and digital book sent out to the City of Portland in a bid for work. In this project, I developed the layout for the book while also collaborating with our technical staff and other marketing team members to develop graphics from technical charts and graphs as well as icons to demonstrate key components to the engineering work.


This page shows a graphic I created to help engineering staff better visualize the work our team will complete on Farmington Rd. I worked alongside engineers to understand, conceptualize and create easy to follow visual data. The image below shows the layout and icons I developed.

Graphs Magazine-Mockup-Template.jpg
page 3 Magazine-Mockup-Template.jpg