George Fox Christmas Concert Poster

Poster Mock Up Cropped.jpg


The George Fox Christmas concert is the premier concert put on by the Music Department every year. In past years, they have outsourced the advertising to a design firm but decided to let students give the advertising a go. 

The promotional material had extensive requirements and hard deadlines. The requirements are as follows: must have a starry night sky with mountains resembling the Hebron Hills outside Bethlehem, portray the town of Bethlehem with bright and vibrant colors, and the title must be a script font. I was expected to send proofs every week, following meetings and changes to the design.    

I greatly enjoyed this project, partly because I was able to picture myself roaming over the Hebron Hills near Bethlehem, a personal travel wish list destination, and I love starry night skies and beautiful mountain peaks.  On campus, our bulletin boards are covered with posters, but the bright color scheme, large unique title, and unique subject matter, made this poster stands out. The promotional materials designed for this event increased attendance by 8% and was a smashing success.