Lilly's Hummus Re-design



Lily’s Hummus is a local PDX company that produces small batch hummus with only all-natural ingredients. This reduces waste caused by pre-processed bean packaging. The Lilly’s facility fully recycles materials used in the production of hummus, and composts food waste as well. Overflow product is donated regularly to the Oregon Food Bank, which provides foods to hungry Oregonian individuals and families. 

The purpose of this project was to design a food container exposing with focus group testing, and final branding. I re-designed the packaging to reflect these wholesome company values. Striking the balance between nice and high class like the ingredients they use while also not breaking the bank. Glass jars are relatively inexpensive and re-usable and look I used a paper towel dipped in wax for the lid cover and vinyl sticker paper for the label. I decided to redesign the logo to be cohesive with my new packaging. My goal for the packaging is to feel hand crafted, thoughtful and refined while also being a standout product in the hummus isle.

Top Green Jar.jpg
Top Red Jar.jpg