Project Manager | PACKAGE DESIGN | Development

This game was designed with a group of fellow designers. The purpose of this project is to work with a client to produce a prototype of a role playing “ethical, empathy and justice” game and refine it for use. We worked with Scott Headley, to bring his concept to life.

My personal role on this project was project manager. I made sure we met all the deadlines and was in constant communication with all the other team members. I also helped out with design and production.

We were inspired by the 70's and 80's so we chose high contrast but yet slightly muted colors in blue, orange, off-white cream and pops of green and red. While we wanted the colors to feel more vintage, we stuck to a clean, simple design solution to make the game also feel up-to-date and modern. We refined the board game and made it easy to use and intuitive for anyone new to the game. Our client, Scott, loved the finish result so much that he asked us to produce a second one.