Travel Kit


Branding | Package design | Stickers

Travel Kit was created to supply student at George Fox University with a few essentials on their Juniors Abroad Trip. Juniors Abroad is a three week long trip to a destination out of the country offered to junior's at George Fox. The pack includes a universal adapter, three stickers, a journal, a pen, and a handwritten note from a student who previously went on Junior's Abroad. The pack is sold for $15.

I was asked to be the creative director on the project. I was in charge of creating stickers for the packs as well as the overall look and feel of the package. We decided to use burlap for the bag because it feel rustic and hardy, like a travelers worn luggage. We also stuck to a more muted color scheme because the more muted tones feel like the items have been used more like they have always been a part of one's travel accessories.

We created a social media account to market the packs as well as presenting in different Junior's Abroad classrooms. This generated the most revenue.